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Creative Ways to Engage Your Audience Online


Engagement is key when it comes to online audiences. With so many distractions in the digital world, keeping your customers engaged can prove to be difficult but it is crucial for success.

Why exactly does engagement matter? Engagement is a leading indicator of how strong your customer relationships are. It shows what your customers are interested in by their interactions with your business through comments, likes, clicks, shares, and more.

Without having customers who are actively seeing your content and paying attention to you, it can be a lot more difficult to convert sales. Rather than focusing on growing the number of followers on your social media or website, instead, think about growing your engagement with those followers.

Here are 7 ways to engage your audience online.

Be Visual

A customer is more likely to be drawn to and interact with a post that has a visual element to it. Add more photos and videos to your posts as it has been proven to be more effective and can improve your customer’s online experience. 

Go Live

Video is all the rage right now and with so many live video streaming features in the digital world right now, you’d be silly not to be using it. Take your business live using tools such as Facebook Live and give your audience an insight into your operations or behind-the-scene exclusives. Your audience will enjoy this because it’s authentic and it provides them with a direct line of communication to you. 

Read our blog on Instagram Reels, Stories and IGTV to find out how you can engage your audience through video.

Leverage Contests & Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? If you’re able to give away a gift to your audience, a contest is a fantastic incentive to encourage users to get involved and create a buzz about your business. Not only will the posts surrounding the contest be triggering engagement but you may also be able to generate some further content from your audience to share at a later date.

Build a Community

Create a place where your audience can come together and interact with one another. Whether it be on your posts, website or in an exclusive group or forum, encourage your audience to talk to each other and discuss matters of interest to your industry.

Offer Value & Exclusive Content

Show your audience that you appreciate them by sharing exclusive content with them in the form of a gift or a valuable online series.

Get your Customers Involved

Let fans contribute to your online presence with user-generated content. Ask your audience questions or to share images with a clear call to action. Share that content across the web – loyal fans will be happy that they are getting a mention from your brand.

Share News

Show that you are the leader in your industry by sharing any breaking news that may affect your audience and your industry. If the information is timely and relevant, the audience will be more likely to share and engage with the content.

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