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How we Prioritise Effective Communication at Oraco

At Oraco, we believe effective and efficient communication is the key to success. As an agency, we work in a fast-paced environment, so ensuring we communicate clearly with one another is essential. We use various tools and meeting styles to facilitate effective communication. Let’s dive in! Why is communication so important? Firstly, why is communication …

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The Benefits of Team Bonding

After two years of being in and out of lockdown, many workplaces are back in the office full time. As a result of time apart, growing teams and a new ‘normal’, team bonding is an important way to ensure your team is thriving and constantly improving. Many perceive team bonding activities as unnecessary – especially …

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Good Vibes Only: How to Build a Thriving Workplace Your Employees Love

Creating a fun, thriving workplace is a common goal for businesses. However, getting the balance right can be tricky. As cool as slides in the office and free food Fridays are, employees are more likely to value connection, support, and transparency. Here are some simple ways to create a workplace your employees love coming to. …

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Office dogs

Office Dogs? We Say Yes!

Research shows, having pets at work can reduce stress, unite teams as well as providing a reason for you to get up and stretch your legs. We have an incredible team at Oraco Agency including our amazing office dogs, Willow Winx and Toby. If you’re considering making your office dog or pet friendly, we’ve put …

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