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Thankyou, Reimagined: Product innovation and an unconventional campaign

For over a decade, Thankyou has been chasing a single idea – to be a sustainable social enterprise at global scale, making an impact around the world. Thankyou has executed some truly unconventional and highly successful campaigns that led to their products being stocked by some of Australia’s biggest retailers. But on the way there, …

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The Evolution of Logo Design

Like fashion, logo design trends often evolve to align with the present day. Cultural progressions, political events, societal developments, and technological advancements shape these trends, and brands that don’t take part in the evolution can fall behind and lose credibility. You may be surprised to find that many major brands change their logo and visual …

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Fotograf HQ Rebrand

5 Signs it’s Time to Rebrand

It’s true, an up-to-date and consistent brand identity could be the difference between a customer choosing you over a competitor. According to a survey by Lucidpress and Demand Metric, consistently presented brands are 3-4 times more likely to enjoy excellent brand visibility than those with an inconsistent brand presentation. A consistent brand builds recognition and …

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