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Why Your Social Media Captions Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

While everyone can write, not everyone can write well. Today, social media dominates and influences most of our lives – with everything from who we follow to what we purchase. Keeping up to date with latest trends and features means that businesses can curate a post that entices the reader to purchase their product or service. One part of social posts that are often an afterthought are the social media captions. With a whopping 78% of consumers reporting that social media posts have the power to influence their purchases, the importance of quality copy in a social media caption has never been more critical.

If you find yourself getting tongue-tied when putting pen to paper (or, technically, fingers to keyboard), we’re here to help. Throughout this article, we explore why social media captions shouldn’t be overlooked and how you can thrive in this space. 

Why is social media copy so important?

Social media has come a long way since the good ol’ Myspace days (we wonder what Tom’s up to…), with new social media platforms popping up left, right and centre. What was once a novelty (I remember begging my dad for MSN because ‘everyone else had it’) has become an almost given.

Consumers expect to see their favourite brands online. If you’re not, it’s tough to compete with some of the dominant players in your industry.

While images and videos are vital to a social post, so is the caption. Many of us spend so much time stressing over getting on camera to film a Reel or taking a photo at the perfect angle that we often neglect the second half of the post – the words. I say ‘words’ and not ‘caption’ as this has multiple layers. Copy can be anything from the captions you write to the words in your image – even what you say in Reels or videos. Perfecting your messaging might be the ultimate difference between someone investing in your product and someone continuing to lurk (yes, we see you, random person that has followed us since 2006 and never interacted!)

What role can social media copy play for your brand?

In a chess game, every piece has a significant role. The same thing goes for your social media copy. Copy is versatile and can be used in various ways on social media. Here are some examples of the role your copy can play.

Copy makes your business stand out

Enemies, competitors, peers – whatever name you give to those in your industry – consider how many you’re up against. The market is saturated with businesses like yours, so it’s imperative you do something to help yours stand out. This is where your copy comes in!

With every business competing for sales, writing copy that stands out on social media and gives people a reason to choose your brand over someone else’s is crucial. This might be a witty catchphrase, clever slogan or a unique tone of voice that singles out your brand.

It’s a powerful tool to connect you with your audience

Nearly everyone today is on at least one social media platform, with 79% checking it at least once a day and 31% of people checking it more than ten times a day. That’s a lot of time spent online!

If you’re still unconvinced, here are some other statistics from the most recent Yellow Social Media Report (2020) about how brands can connect with their audience.

  • 39% of people on social media follow businesses or brands on social media.
  • 23% of Australians use social media to learn more about brands, businesses, offers and promotions.
  • 82% of those who follow brands or companies do it because they want something in return. This includes discounts (62%), giveaways (47%) or product information (41%).

Social media copy is an extension of your branding

Your social media copy is an extension of your branding, meaning you must remain consistent across all channels. When your audience reads your social media and clicks through to your website, for example, there shouldn’t be a significant change in your tone of voice between the two platforms.

VINArada are a great example of someone who uses a happy, upbeat tone and carries that across to their website.

Image source: VINArada 

Anatomy of excellent social media copy

But wait, you say, I don’t know how to write a great social post!!

Never fear – we’ve broken down how to write a solid social media caption.


First up is the hook. If you think of it like fishing, this is the thing that initially captures the fish. In this case, your audience is the fish. It’s time to throw in your best one-liners, interesting facts and anything that will grab attention quickly.

Be compelling and consider including:

  • A benefit the reader will receive.
  • Asking an intriguing question that mentions additional benefits.
  • State an attention-grabbing fact.
  • Don’t be afraid to throw in a few emojis!

 Body text

The body text of your social media caption is where you’ll add extra ‘juice’ to the post. If you’ve asked your audience a question in the hook, answer it. If you’ve offered a benefit, explain how it will help with a pain point. If you included an interesting statistic, demonstrate the relevance of what you’re offering.

Remember – your body text doesn’t need to be long. Short, punchy copy is often more effective in getting your message across and getting to the point faster.

Call to action 

Lastly, the call to action. This is the part where businesses often struggle. They’ve done a fantastic job explaining their product or service offering but have trouble finding the words to convert the reader. Instead of hinting at what you want the reader to do, try the following:

  • Keep it conversational – you want to continue building rapport.
  • Use action words – this inspires people to (you guessed it!) act. Simple and direct phrases include ‘sign up for your free trial’, ‘Get your free instant quote’ and ‘Shop ethical skin care products.’
  • The more specific, the better – instead of ‘Sign up for our newsletter’, try ‘Sign up for our weekly skincare newsletter and be the first to get special discounts.’
  • Create some urgency – FOMO is real. Use words like ‘now’, ‘today’, or ‘limited time only’ to encourage immediate action.
  • Focus on the benefits – this one speaks for itself!
  • Experiment if necessary – if you’re not seeing the desired results, try A/B split testing. You might be surprised by what you discover.

Although a lot of these work well for sales, the same can still work for businesses wanting consumers to engage with their posts. Experiment with CTAs asking people to engage and see which one works best.

Who does it well?

You know what you need to do; now it’s time to see it in action! Here are a few of our favourites who do social media copy well.


The MSN of the business world, Slack connected teams throughout lockdown and has continued today. They have an upbeat, positive tone of voice which they portray on their socials.


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A post shared by Slack (@slackhq)


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A post shared by Slack (@slackhq)


Powerhouse sporting company, Nike, are kicking goals on and off the field. Their social posts are short and sharp and capture the audience’s attention.


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A post shared by Nike (@nike)

Bonza Airlines

Newcomers to the aviation industry, Bonza Airlines, are refreshing the travel industry with their cheeky tone of voice and fun plane names (including Shelia, Shazza and Bazza!)


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A post shared by Bonza (@flybonza)


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A post shared by Bonza (@flybonza)

Social media copy may seem less critical than copy across other business areas, but this isn’t the case. These platforms are where you connect directly with your audience, so what you write is more important than you might think. If you’re struggling with your social media copy or want to ensure you’re on the right track, contact the Oraco team today via email or Instagram DM. 

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