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How Each Social Media Platform Can Benefit Your Business

Social media is constantly growing and evolving, especially with new business-focused updates coming more regularly. Each social media platform is different, with unique posting abilities and audiences. Today, we will jump into how each platform can benefit your business growth.


Facebook is a huge platform with 2.91 billion users worldwide. Therefore, an obvious benefit of using Facebook for your business stems from global reach opportunities. 75% of Facebook users spend at least 1.5 hours on the app, and with every scroll, users see more and more content – some of which could be yours!

Facebook advertising is another great tool if you are happy to set a budget aside for social media marketing. Your posts can be boosted and turned into ads within minutes. You can successfully target specific demographics to reach your desired audience when creating an ad. You can target by interests, age, behaviour, devices, occupation and more!


As we all know, Instagram is the home of visual content, so now is your chance to reach your visually orientated audience.

Instagram stories and tagged content create endless opportunities for your business. However, this acts as ‘word of mouth’ in a visual form. For example, if you own a café or restaurant and your patrons share a snap of their food on their Instagram story, it’s basically free advertising!

Another benefit of users tagging you is the creation of user-generated content. As users share images of your product and service, it provides content for your business – if you receive permission from the original source, of course. User-generated content is great to show your audience that your product or service is in use in the real world. This style of content may push a consumer over the line in their decision to make a purchase,

If you own a shop or any business that sells something, you’ll love the Instagram shop function. The IG shop function allows you to tag the products you post, creating ease for your consumers as they can simply click a link and make a purchase.

Additionally, there is a shopping feed on Instagram for users to browse. Based on demographics and insights, users are shown products they may like – some of which could be yours. This function is free to use, so why not use it?


LinkedIn is the home of business-orientated content filled with endless networking opportunities. This platform is also great for generating new business leads and nurturing referral relationships.

Many businesses who use LinkedIn use it as a platform to share more about their business. For example, their story, their mission, and their values. Sharing these details can attract new consumers, potential business partners or even strengthen your business’s reputation.

Introducing new products or product launches is also commonly found on LinkedIn and is the perfect chance to engage your audience, create excitement or even gain support from others.

As LinkedIn is a free platform, it’s another opportunity for your business to expand digitally and generate brand awareness.

LinkedIn is a popular platform for job hunters too, so post an ad on LinkedIn next time you are looking to expand your team.


Did you know Twitter is the number 1 platform for discovery? Let your business be discovered on this platform, free of charge!

Twitter is another platform that is successful in reaching large audiences. In addition to this, Twitter is great for sharing content about your products and services, such as website links, images, and testimonials. It can also be used to increase your brand’s awareness. If you post on this platform frequently, your brand can jump into the mind of potential consumers through repeat exposure.

Twitter allows for meaningful real-time connections. As it is a relatively informal platform, you can easily engage with your audience and learn more about them. Adding a simple poll can increase your engagement and give you a chance to learn more about your audience.


Pinterest converts browsers into buyers, and simple pins can make a big impact.

This platform is another winner for visual lovers. Pinterest can be used for many types of businesses and can welcome global traffic referrals. It’s particularly good if you are offering a product or service.

Pins can be created in a matter of seconds, and there is no limit to how many you can make. Therefore, nothing is stopping you from pinning every product or service you have. What will this achieve? As users view your Pins, you can strengthen your brand awareness, individual product awareness and brand reputation.

Pins can be static images or short videos, so it is easy to copy across your content from other platforms. Just don’t forget to add a link to every pin, so users know where to start shopping!


Tik Tok is the home to a lot of snackable, bite-sized content and now introducing longer-form content.  However, it is important to know content posted on Tik Tok does not have to be funny, silly or somehow involve a viral dance! Although trending audio helps boost your content, you can post anything you want on this platform.

Commonly, small businesses in particular share behind the scenes content such as packing orders, time-lapses, or the business’s story. Like Instagram, you can add your business name and website in your profile’s bio so your followers can find you with ease.

On Tik Tok, you have to potential to go viral. Although we can’t promise this, if you post the right content at the right time, your content may go viral and reach a massive audience.

Which platforms do you use? Are you ready to add some to your list? If you are feeling stuck, we are here to help. Click here to learn how.

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