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Valentine’s Day Campaign: Bras N Things

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to buy yourself some roses, chocolates and cultivate self-love! As we move into 2022, the traditional focus of Valentine’s Day has shifted from cards and romantic dinners to self-care and inner happiness. Self-love and empowerment have become a growing trend across various campaigns over the last few years. In this blog, we take a closer look at a current Valentine’s Day campaign and how it has come to life across a range of creative assets and powerful messaging.

Sexual wellness and empowerment movement

Over the last few years, the self-care, empowerment and sexual wellness message has been amplified by businesses such as Dove, Unilever, Vush and The Body Shop through a range of product launches and cleverly curated campaigns. A company encouraging this empowering self-love message this Valentine’s Day is Australian lingerie fashion retailer Bras N Things (BNT). BNT recently launched their I Come First campaign to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new range of fun, sexy, and feminine lingerie for individuals who wants to celebrate V-Day for themselves! BNT has said that with this campaign and range, they “want you to feel empowered, explore yourself…and to be who you want, when you want.”

Image source: Bras N Things website

Vision coming to life

I Come First has been brought to life through various platforms and content styles. The campaign’s primary avenues for promotion include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and native content. This strategically planned mix allows for the perfect combination of reach for the BNT brand in conjunction with speaking to their ideal target audience. This campaign includes a range of cleverly crafted shareable content, including standard terms that have been flipped to become sexually empowering quotes such as “I can play any role” and “I am not an object of desire, I am desire.” This inspirational content is elevated with images of beautiful and relatable women looking fierce in the BNT lingerie. The primary models who hero this range include Milo Hartill, Mercy Rose Watson, and Elodie Russel.

Image source: Bras N Things Instagram Account

Expert advice

Bringing sexual wellness to the forefront of this campaign is essential in continuing the overarching empowerment messaging, and it has been achieved with the support of certified Sex Coach Georgia Grace. Georgia has supported BNT with the development of this campaign as an advocate for individuals’ sexual wellbeing and self-expression by answering some important questions about her job and the role she plays in supporting others on their sexual journey. One question Georgia answered was, “What can I do to start prioritising my pleasure?” This is such a poignant topic for the campaign, as it promotes putting yourself first in all aspects of life. This can look different for everyone. For some, it may be moving your body more, enjoying regular masturbation or simply taking time to be mindful. Georgia has stated she is a firm believer in prioritising sexual health and wellbeing through making time for yourself. She is confident that the overarching message for this campaign “…mirrors an approach that so many sexual wellness practitioners speak to. Whether it’s finding small moments of pleasure each day, working to develop your sexual self-confidence… it’s important and healthy to bring pleasure to the forefront of your mind.” 

Why this campaign is impactful

Based on this overview, BNT’s messaging has successfully translated its primary message across various assets and platforms. It is important to identify why this campaign is great and what we can learn as an inspiration base for future campaigns.

Subtle and memorable  

Firstly, we all know that BNT is selling us a new range of lingerie to wear for Valentine’s Day; however, it doesn’t feel like that! They have subtly weaved their launch messaging into a seamless, fun, inspirational and shareable campaign. However, the campaign is still engaging and memorable. BNT’s Senior Buyer, Emma Stubbs, put it perfectly when commenting on the new range “It really doesn’t matter if anyone else sees it, it is an unspoken boldness”.


This campaign maintains a strong tone of voice and supports a streamlined approach with key messaging. When looking at this campaign, the message I hear is, “Put yourself first, love yourself and be who YOU want to be!” BNT know who their audience is and understands what makes them tick. This is complemented with the platforms used to push the campaign live. Their audience is active on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, hence their content style and choices. Engaging a diverse range of models to wear the new range and support the campaign also makes an impact as it allows for people to see themselves portrayed through the campaign content. This also reaffirms the empowerment messaging and assures people that everyone is beautiful!


With Valentine’s Day coming up fast, now is the perfect time to prioritise love in all forms and, of course, shop for a beautiful set of underwear! In addition, the campaign is tapping into the empowerment movement of encouraging people to love themselves and prioritise time for what makes them happy. The addition of support from Sex Coach Georgia Grace allows the campaign to harness a sense of credibility, which is important when heavy topics such as sexual wellbeing are a part of the overarching key message. This strategic decision adds value for the brand and the audience who are engaged with the BNT brand.

The I Come First campaign is an epic combination of sexual empowerment and self-love sprinkled with the celebration of V-Day. BNT has done incredibly well to combine a vital and trending conversation with a topical event, Valentine’s Day, and there you have the I Come First campaign. So please excuse me now as I need to do some lingerie shopping!

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