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An Easy and Customisable Quiz Tool For Your Biz

Quiz tool

As digital marketers and communicators, we use a number of different tools to regularly help us create and disseminate content to a variety of different audience.

Whilst creating social media content for our clients we have noticed that quiz style content from sites like Buzzfeed seems to perform really well.

They are often light-hearted and about niche topics that attract a particular audience. It’s that whole curiosity thing, people can’t help but be a little bit intrigued.

We researched quiz tools for a little while but found a lot of them to be incredibly expensive, to have limited customisation, or to be rather tricky to use. We wanted to be able to create content quickly and regularly. Whatever tool we use needs to be able to accommodate this.

We recently found Interact, a tool that enables users to generate leads and drive sales using quizzes. I was a little skeptical at the start, Interact seemed to offer a lot of different things and it seemed more focused on the business using the tool than providing the customer with content of genuine value, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised along the way.

To start with, I created a simple, ‘What’s Your Marketing Spirit Animal’ quiz. They have two functions to start with. You can build your own quiz from scratch or start with a template. Of course, I chose the template option to start with. From here I was directed to choose my industry and you could select more than one out of several options. The next step allows you to chose between the quiz ‘type’. I chose a personality quiz as I was looking for a simple option to start with and this one seemed to tick the box for me. On the next screen, I was presented with 8 different topics to choose from and of course the words ‘spirit animal’ jumped out straight away – it was a no-brainer! Once I got to this section I had the ability to customise the questions and answers. For the point of testing the tool I left them all standard, however, I did alter the appearance of the quiz by adding our corporate colours, our Google font, and logo.

All in all, it took me literally 6 or so minutes to set this up. Obviously, if you want to play around with the features and customise it further it’s going to take more of a time commitment, but it was great to see how quick and easy it could be to set a quiz up!

Personally, I was more interested in creating fun content as I mentioned above, but it is worth noting that Interact has some really cool features that enable you to add Opt-In Forms so people can provide their email or contact information in exchange for the quiz results. Thankfully, it does enable you to allow users to skip the opt-in.

Interact also has Poll and Giveaway features as well as providing reporting data on your quizzes.

How much is this tool going to set you back? Take a look at the pricing chart below.

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