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Strategy Myths Busted!

For those of you who have been working in the business for a while, you would have heard the word strategy being used in meetings, and it’s likely you have used it yourself! The word strategy is a broad term and can be applied to almost any marketing activity. With this in mind, we thought …

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Creating a Cohesive Social Feed

Having a cohesive social feed is more than just a collection of ‘pretty pictures’. It is an extension of your brand and should demonstrate your brand’s aesthetic, tone of voice and brand values. Your social feed should give your audience a sense of who you are and what you have to offer through a collection …

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Top Front-End Web Development Trends

The speed at which the web development space is changing is rapid. Navigating this landscape and adapting to changes plays a significant role in the work of web developers, as well as the companies they work for. The ability to recognise trends and react accordingly has never been more critical. Web developers are the brains …

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The Evolution of Logo Design

Like fashion, logo design trends often evolve to align with the present day. Cultural progressions, political events, societal developments, and technological advancements shape these trends, and brands that don’t take part in the evolution can fall behind and lose credibility. You may be surprised to find that many major brands change their logo and visual …

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