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Why Businesses Are Missing Out By Not Having Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful platform that welcomes creativity, originality, and positivity.  Many perceive Pinterest as a calm, safe space to learn and be inspired, which couldn’t be more correct. However, what’s commonly underestimated is the fantastic business opportunities that can stem from having a Pinterest business account.

Here are all the reasons you should have a Pinterest business account if you want your business to thrive.

Free and accessible

Firstly, Pinterest is free to use, so why not make the most of it? It’s also a user-friendly platform with many tutorial videos to guide new users. Adding pins to your business account can be done within minutes. This ever-growing platform is also available on a mobile app as well as on a desktop so that you can pin from anywhere. There’s no limit to how many pins you can make, and they can be organised however you wish. Commonly, different boards are used to categorise products, services, or ideas. However, as this platform is full of uniqueness and creativity, you can do what works for your business.

A Pinterest account is simple to set up and get started. You can also add your business name, logo, branding, web links, and other social links. There is a space for your business bio for you to share a little bit about your business as well as some key values to attract users.

As for Pins, there is no rule as to how many pins you should make in a standard week. However, consistency is key to ensuring your audience remains engaged, similar to other platforms. Pinning a few times a week can be easily achieved with the ability to pin up to 10 images at once if you want to ‘mass pin’. You can also schedule your pins to go up at different times of the day and week, whatever suits your timeline!

Check out our Back to Basics blog for more details on how to get your business started on Pinterest.

Opportunity and reachability

Although Pinterest can be used entirely for free, you can invest paid spend into it. Like other social media platforms, paid spend can be used to boost pins. Pinterest offers a variety of ad formats, from standard image ads to videos, carousels and shopping ads. To learn more about Pinterest’s ad specifications, click here. Due to the large range of formats, your business has the potential to reach thousands of potential consumers.

Pinterest is great for impressions (a social media metric that measures how often your pin has been shown in users’ feeds). This data can be found on your Pinterest analytics page, which is easy to follow and understand if analytics aren’t typically your thing. Seeing how your pins perform is a great way to track what’s working and what isn’t.

Reaching your target audience has been made even easier recently as Pinterest introduced category tags that allow you to add pins into categories. Users who share an interest in your categories are more likely to see your pins. For example, if you tag a product as ‘vegan-friendly’, users who typically search for products that are vegan friendly are more likely to be shown your pins.


A notable Pinterest feature is the ability to take a user from a Pin to the checkout without leaving the app. Displaying your products and services has never been easier. Pinterest has a shopping feature that allows you to upload pins directly from your website or online catalogue with a few clicks, making it easier to display your products and services exactly how you like. This feature is also great for new launches, as you can add new pins quickly. You can even schedule pins to go live when your launch does!

Pins can drive web referrals, web traffic and sales. In fact, Pinterest drives 3.8 times more sales than other platforms and 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

A useful Pinterest feature is the product tagger function. This can be helpful if, for example, you are pinning an image of an outfit. You can tag each item with a link that takes the user directly to your website. 

A creative space

Did you know that Pinterest ranks number one in inspiration amongst competitor platforms?  Also, more than 1 in 3 people feel an online place devoted to inspiration is more important than ever. Pinterest has well and truly delivered on that front! Pinterest is a great space to grow your brand’s image. Pinning does not only have to involve pinning your own products and services, but it can act as a public mood board or brand vision page. Developing your brand publicly can welcome the interest of your audience too.

Online safety

A no-fuss social media platform? Yes, please! Recently, in Pinterest’s “Pinterest Present” online event, Pinterest deemed itself one of the safest social platforms online. With minimal opportunity to leave comments and send messages, the notion of trolls is removed, which is an attractive aspect of Pinterest.

Pinterest prides itself on being a positive space, and consumers tend to agree – 9 out of 10 users consider it a safe environment, and 8 out of 10 feel positive about it. 

If you’re a business starting out, Pinterest may be the platform to begin with. The company are always looking for new ways to make its platform safer for brands. In fact, they openly share their processes and plans with users. An example of this is that Pinterest is moving to prohibit all content and ads with climate misinformation. This is huge for both brands and users as neither will be bombarded with misinformation in general.

Partnership opportunities

Speaking of a safe space, Pinterest, in recent years, has tried to allow for a kinder creator experience for influencers and creators. Pinterest creators have the unique opportunity to support and inspire people with positive and actionable ideas. This concept is attractive for influencers as they can post content without fear of receiving hate through comments.

Ready to start pinning? Pinterest is a fun, exciting, ever-evolving platform so make the most of its creative freedom. If you have any questions, get in touch by visiting our page!

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