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Tips to Elevate Your Social Media

There are many simple, yet effective ways to elevate your social media to make it stand out and become attractive to social users. Implementing small changes into your accounts that focus on the user’s perspective is an effective way to bridge gaps between users and profiles and overall elevate your socials. Creating a sense of community surrounding your socials is a great way to take your social platform to the next level. Here are some tips for you!

Creating a community

Creating a community online can help your business thrive! The loyalty and support that stems from this notion can allow a business to achieve continuous growth. Some areas to focus on when aiming to create a sense of community surround engagement and consistent interaction.

If you are a business, it is important to interact with users online the same way you would in person. You are a human, so you should interact as one! Having structured, repetitive answers can sometimes appear as robotic, automated answers. Instead, having an informative yet informal approach can allow consumers to continue to reach out. Making sure each interaction is a good one is very important, so keep the replies quick, full of information and friendly.

Additionally, if you are using automated responses when you are offline, ensure they are still human-like responses, like how you would respond if you were online. Think casual, for example, Hi, thanks for your message. We are currently offline, hang tight, we will be back soon and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, …………”. A simple, easy response like this is far more effective than no response for hours on end.

Grow your community and audience by welcoming engagement! Welcoming engagement can be as simple as polls and questions boxes on Instagram stories. Presenting as a casual account, rather than a formal, lifeless account can increase approachability. Take this one step further by engaging back with your audience. Commenting and liking posts are simple actions that can grab the attention of individual users, positioning them to feel noticed, appreciated and overall, more likely to stay loyal to your business. Thanking your repeat consumers shows your appreciation for their support, further encouraging them to continue.

Seek relationships, not just followers!

Direct your audience

A call to action should become a caption essential. A call to action is what you want users to do after seeing your post. For example, “comment below”, “visit our website”, “click the link in our bio” etc. A call to action is an easy way to elevate your social media and get into the mind of the consumer. Similarly, asking your audience a question can position them to feel inclined to make a connection with your brand. For example, asking “do you need a new pair of comfortable sneakers?” consumers can then ask themselves this question and have your brand in mind when it comes to making a purchase. Easy, right?

Keep your audience engaged

Uploading Instagram and/or Facebook stories consistently is another great way to keep your audience in touch between posts. Stories can be light-hearted, fun and welcome humour! Stories can easily be shared quickly amongst users. Additionally, creating highlights for your users to refer to is very beneficial, especially if you are discussing products or services.

Brand personality can stem from social interactions. You can elevate your brand personality by adding humour and a sense of fun to your socials, whether it’s with a pun in a caption, a funny comment or generally relatable content. Any of which can again, welcome interaction, engagement, and shares.

Scheduling posts is another way to maximise your social interactions and reach your audience. Using scheduling platforms such as Later can enable you to post when your audience is most active and are therefore more likely to engage. Scheduling is also a useful tool if you want to post more but don’t have the time. Once scheduled, your posts can automatically upload. Posting consistently can help your platform grow, so scheduling more content more often can help you achieve this. Additional Later functions that can elevate the interactions between you and your consumer’s demographics and in-depth insight. These areas can help you better understand your consumers. Exploring their wants and needs as consumers can help you make decisions that reflect them. Again, focusing on user perspectives.

Another element of user perspective to look at is the convenience for your consumers. Direct your consumers and make the path simple by adding a function. A ‘link in bio’ is what it sounds like, a link to a website for example, in your account’s bio on your Instagram page. When creating posts, referring to your link in bio can create a shortcut for consumers to visit your website with ease.

Grow your audience

Want to reach new potential customers? Using diversified hashtags, is a simple way to extend your audience and elevate your social media. Changing them up frequently can ensure you are always extending your reach and targeting new users. Commonly, the power of hashtags is underestimated.

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Speaking of extending your audience, another way to promote organic growth is to piggyback on trends. Often “World……. Day” will trend. For example, Click here to find a day for your business to post about. The ideation of trends and viral concepts can be exciting and can leave you getting carried away, so it is important to stay true to your brand.

The sky is not the limit to your social media capabilities. With dedication and a user-driven mindset, you can elevate your socials with ease! Jumping to the mind of consumers can change your entire social media presence, creating shortcuts to direct consumers and allowing them to feel part of a community can do wonders.  Do you need help elevating your socials? Here at Oraco, we can take care of your socials for you!

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