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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Sending Emails


Reading and answering emails is a daily requirement for those working as professionals.

As a primary form of communication for businesses, it’s important to review the emails that you are sending. Whether you’re emailing potential clients, customers, friends or your entire email list – you need to look professional and it’s best to steer clear of these avoidable, embarrassing mistakes.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you hit that send button.

1. Keep It Focused

Do not make an email longer than it needs to be – this will save time on both ends. People tend to read over emails quickly, so if it is too long they will lose focus and skip over it. An effective email has a purpose. Make sure have an objective in mind when you are writing an email and get straight to the point. Keep it short, simple and concise!

2. Be Wary Of What You Say & How You Say It

Like most forms of digital communication, one of the main challenges with email exchange is that it is often hard to convey emotion. This can lead to the audience misinterpreting emotions and intention of an email. That’s a reminder to think about what you are trying to say and how you are saying it. Think wisely when it comes to using capital letters, sarcasm and jokes because sometimes they can be misunderstood and taken badly.

3. Include An Email Signature

Make sure to include a professional email signature (name and title) and contact details before you hit send. This is one of the most important things to include in your email as it provides other ways for people to connect and stay in touch with you. Also, be careful of mobile signatures such as “Sent from my iPhone” which can appear unprofessional.

4. Use A Clear Subject Line

The subject line of an email is the first thing people will see when they receive it – so it’s important to make it count! Be sure to use a relevant subject line that allows your readers to get an idea of what your email is about quickly. Keep it short, sweet and appealing!

5. Proofread & Check Your Spelling

Once your email is ready to send, ensure that you take the extra time to format it, check your spelling and punctuation, and proofread it more than once. Anyone can make a simple mistake without realising it, and just one avoidable mistake can directly impact the image you portray to your clients and customers.

Always take advantage of the built-in spellcheck that mail clients have, but just keep in mind that they don’t always find every single mistake and can sometimes autocorrect to the wrong word. Also, don’t forget to verify that all links in your email are working and directing to where it needs to go. If it’s a very important email, consider asking a colleague or friend to quickly read it before you send it.

Remember, once you send an email out – there’s no getting it back unless you are using Gmail! So get it right the first time!

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