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Inovayt your finance.


Inovayt’s mission is to develop lasting relationships with their clients; secured by trust, personalised service and professional advice. Inovayt initially came to Oraco for support with their social media management, yet within six months the company had expanded their services adding a Wealth sector to their successful mortgage broking business. This meant that they required help to communicate the two offerings to their widened audience.


We recognised the need for a brand refresh to successfully communicate the two sectors; Finance and Wealth. We first gathered information from Inovayt’s current customers and target markets through primary research to guide us through the process.

From the data, we were able to establish that the logo motif and colour palette were significant in maintaining brand recognition. Their customers revealed they were drawn to their professional logo and had a positive reaction to their colour palette – Blue was seen to represent trust, security and stability, which aligned well with the Finance sector; and green signified growth, renewal and ambition, which paired well with the Wealth sector.

Once we had a clear direction for the rebrand, we developed a professional and modern visual identity that accomplishes two very important goals; maintaining a visual link to the company’s previous brand while establishing a new, modern look and successfully differentiating the two sectors of the company.

A comprehensive brand style guide was then developed, and the brand rolled out company-wide in both external collateral and internal company documents.

Following on from the branding project, we designed and developed a responsive website that successfully defined both sectors of the company and their service offerings.


We developed a brand strategy that was focused on longevity and professionalism in a competitive environment and have supported the business in maintaining this for over 4 years.

We continue to manage the Inovayt brand with regular social media management, content creation, email marketing, website maintenance and brand development.




Vision: To provide tailored financial solutions to suit individual, current and future, needs


Strategy Development, Brand Identity Design, Corporate Stationery, Marketing Collateral, Website Design, Website Development, Social Media Branding, Social Media Management, Content Writing, Content Creation