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Maximise your brand’s potential with our
Branding Bootcamp

Maximise your brand’s
potential with our free
Branding Bootcamp

Branding Bootcamp wrap up

If you’re anything like most busy business owners, you may have missed a thing or two from our Branding Bootcamp, among your influx of emails.

We understand these things happen, so we have collated all content, including:

Actionable tips

Our Brainy Branding Bunch at Oraco put together an 6-day online workshop covering 6 topics to help maximise your brand’s potential.

Resources and tools

Each day we sent participants helpful hints, tips and actionable tools straight to their inbox, to help boost their brand!

Expert interviews

We featured interviews with branding experts from a range of industries, who shared some of their top branding tips for success.

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Day 1: A Memorable Brand is Clear

Ensuring your brand is clear can be harder than it seems. Day one will focus on figuring out WHAT you do, WHY you do it and WHO you do it for.

Day 2: A Memorable Brand is Current

Your brand must remain relevant to keep up with ever-changing trends and consumer demands. On day two we look at your audience, current events and using PR as a tool to remain current.

Day 3: A Memorable Brand is Valuable

A valuable brand equates to more than its financial value. On day three we identify that brand equity plays an integral part in influencing your brand’s value.

Day 4: A Memorable Brand is Unique

It can be challenging to ensure your brand stands out in a saturated market. On day four we uncover the role brand identity and values play in keeping you front of mind within your target audience.

Day 5: A Memorable Brand is Trustworthy

You wouldn’t eat at a restaurant with multiple negative reviews or purchase items from a store that offers poor customer service. Therefore, trust plays a pivotal role in relation to your brand. With consumer trust comes the potential to welcome brand loyalty. Day five is about building trust and humanising your brand.

Day 6: A Memorable Brand is Nurtured

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to support and grow your brand over time. We uncover what this can look like on the final day of our Branding Bootcamp, using planning, content pillars and auditing.

Bonus content!

Get additional tips from our Branding Bootcamp experts with the full interviews below.

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