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Oraco and our partner agency, Social Concepts, are a dynamic and passionate team of creatives and communicators based in Melbourne, Australia. We work together to build magnetic brands and identify effective communication strategies.


Our Team

Leanne Nicholson

Creative Director

With over 8 years' experience in Graphic & Web Design, Branding and Marketing, Leanne has built a strong portfolio that demonstrates her ability to bridge the gap between creativity and strategy. Leanne is a passionate creative who loves to build magnetic brands and identify effective marketing solutions.

Leanne loves
• Illustration, photography & resin art
• Camping, snorkelling & kayaking
• Animals & conservation
• Coconut & tea
• Essential oils & crystals
• Live music
• Nat Geo's Instagram!

Jessica Humphreys

Communications Director

With years of experience in both traditional and digital public relations, as well as social media, Jessica specialises in digital communication. Jessica has a keen interest in assisting clients to build strategic social media presences. Passionate about education, Jessica also lectures on social media and digital public relations at both Monash University and Federation University.

Jessica loves
• Tea & wine
• Anything with coconuts
• Random, spontaneous adventures
• Animals (her own and others!)
• Dirt bike riding & camping
• Cambodia & travelling in general
• Podcasts

Rebecca Stalker

Strategy Director

With over 12 years’ experience in Australia and Europe and a solid background in public relations, Becci has strengthened her skills over the last seven years to embrace digital media and now specialises in online communication strategy and advice. Becci is a keen communication strategist and has a profound enthusiasm to support clients down the most effective path that secures meaningful results.

Becci loves
• Parenting blogs
• Digital marketing influencers
• Her husband & two children
• Shopping
• Excel spreadsheets
• Organising her life
& those around her
• Cooking & baking wholesome foods

Our Values


You have people that rely on you, live up to their expectations


Know who you are, what you want and what you believe in


Your lived experiences inform you every day


Progressive and imaginative thoughts lead to original ideas

Positive Change

Create and contribute to positive change in everything you do


We are not better than them