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Peninsula Leisure Pty Ltd is a subsidiary company wholly owned by Frankston City Council, charged with the management of Council’s two aquatic facilities – Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) and Pines Forest Aquatic Centre.

Whilst PARC is well-known in the mind of consumers – having almost 8,000 members – there was a prominent disconnect with Pines and Peninsula Leisure, with the latter being virtually invisible.

The digital presence of Peninsula Leisure, PARC, Pines and PARC Your Way needed to align and be seen as a single entity. The existing user experience was quite disjointed, and needed a more seamless flow between sites.


We created a multi-site to house Peninsula Leisure and its subsequent brands, to drive community awareness around each brand and enhance user experience across the board.

We aligned the new multi-site with Peninsula Leisure’s wider digital strategy, considering social media presence, email marketing and an online customer portal to enhance member and community experience.

The project also required input and ongoing liaisons with a number of sources, including customers and stakeholders. We also underwent a full immersion of the entire centre to completely understand all aspects and key messages that needed to be communicated with each department.

From this process, we were able to create a multi-site that considered every target audience and ensured it was inclusive of all user groups.


Feedback internally and with customers has been positive with an overwhelming appreciation for the ease of finding information on the site compared to the previous one. Oraco continue to provide website security and maintenance support.


Peninsula Leisure, Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) and Pines Forest Aquatic Centre (PINES).


Vision: To ensure everyone has the opportunity to be active

Mission: To inspire communities to engage in physical activity

Values: We think people | We re-imagine | We deliver


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