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30 years of integrity.


Australia and New Zealand apparel brand, Fashion Biz, is an industry leader in uniform, corporate apparel, trade work wear and promotional clothing. The business recognised a need to digitise its offering and brand to stay ahead in the industry and enhance its online presence.


Oraco began the process with the development of a brand values document that would support the business in articulating its purpose and assist with the development of our digital marketing strategy to integrate with the overall marketing plans.

Fashion Biz and its brands already had a strong presence within its distributor network and therefore our challenge was to use digital channels to reach and attract the end-consumer. We developed a comprehensive digital content strategy that appealed to both distributors and end users, whilst integrating the values of the brand.

We created a full digital program across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with regular content that goes beyond the product and provides value for the end-consumer. This includes lifestyle content for the professions that the brands provide apparel for, as well as third-party content that appeals to their target audiences.


To date, we’ve rolled out a successful organic social media and digital marketing program and are currently undergoing a strategic approach to paid social media, alongside influencer marketing.


Fashion Biz


Vision: To support our distributors so everyone can prosper

Values: Integrity, Family-Oriented, Customer First, Respect


Strategy Development, Brand Values, Social Media Management, Content Writing, Content Creation, Social Media Advertising, Campaign Management, Influencer Marketing

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